Related to this trend was the recognition of name de. signers in America. Pierre Cardin, long recognized as a major trend setter in Europe, opened an elegant mod boutique in New York. John Stephen, the young English. man generally credited with introducing the mod look in London, and John Weitz, the American sportswear designer, also opened their own boutiques in the United States. In fact, the avant-garde men's shop became an integral part of the mod fashion trend.

Among the influential mod styles are low-rise hip-hugging slacks, tapered in wide-wale corduroys and frequently bell-bottomed; bright, floral-print shirts with high white collars and cuffs; "Dutch Boy" caps in cloth, - suede, or smooth leather with braided half-bands; brilliant, extra-wide paisley and polka dot ties; double-breasted 4—6-button sport or suit coats; and bulky-knit, turtleneck "poor boy" sweaters.

Seasonal Shifts. Winter. Another trend, particularly evident in more traditional apparel lines, was the tendency of menswear to shift colors with seasonal changes. Early in the year "golden touch" colors predominated in tailored apparel. These colors provided highlight effects by combining gold cross weaves with deeper shades of brown, blue, and gray. Also notable was the return of the pinstripe suit and the double-breasted blazer. "The shaped look" was  characterized by slightly. broader shoulders, a definite waist suppression, and very deep side vents, with a flair at the bottom of the jacket.

Spring-Summer. "Bluegrass" colors, derived from the golfing fairways, combined crisp, cool interweaves of blue and green in spring sportswear. Summer apparel featured lightweight fabrics, a more general use of pattern, and lighter, brighter, and more splashy colors.

Fall. "Black spruce"—blue and green interweaves on rich black backgrounds—dominated sportswear and, particularly, tailored apparel for fall. Double-breasted styling and the "shaped look" in men's fashion silhouettes continued to be influential.

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